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Reaching the World
with our Services - Infinity Group of Companies.

Our aim is to serve our clients with the best quality of products and services and build a ground of prosperity and well being around the globe.

- One-stop for Easy Ticket Booking.

Airlines Trip has been established as the best place to buy tickets for any airline you wish. We offer 1000+ airline companies for you to book your flights to any part of the world.

- One-stop for all Automobiles’ Spare Parts.

Infinity Auto Spares bridges the gap between junkyards and potential buyers online. We provide you second-hand spare parts for all your automobiles along with free delivery system.

- One-stop Solution for all your Web Issue.

Infinity Web displays commendable effort in extending web services to companies who wish to establish their business on the digital platform with websites, apps and much more.


Our business aim is to make lives a bit easier and convenient for people and society. We wish to use the web to serve our customers by creating a warehouse of products and services. With user-accessibility as the key, we wish to excel and make a better position in the current market.

We respect the digital domain and bring it to use to expand and flourish our business. Our presence on the digital domain not only makes it easier for us to spread our business, but also helps our clients and consumers to avail our services.

We expect our business to touch and improve the lives that let us be a part of their lives. Our business moves from the travel to auto parts industry and web development. Hence our varied services cover a greater part of people’s lives. Infinity business group hopes to continue the business and make lives better all around the world.

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