HR Management Development

HRM system is a proficient elucidation that proffers the total management of all features of human resource management system containing Payroll Management, Recruitment Management, Work Delegation, Performance Evaluation and etcetera. The system keeps all the essential information that assists in reclaiming any data from anywhere at any point in time. The system also eradicates the requirement of maintaining the enormous quantity of paperwork thus saving a lot of time as well as the effort of the Human Resource managers and departments.


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Advanced HR Management Development Solutions

Our HRM system is an all-inclusive software that gives you the freedom of having an organised work front.

Attendance Structure Setup:

Through Attendance Structure Setup tool, you can track your employees' work time, attendance, overtime, comp-off and much more.

Leave and Roster Setup:

In many cases, employees work similar shift patterns each day of the week or regularly work similarly structured weeks, with the help of Leave and Roster Setup, it will be easy to maintain. This can also apply to groups of employees. Rather than going through each employee's Master file and specifying their daily rules, you can set up standard Rosters and then allocate those to an employee. Rosters can be created for various Periods.

Payroll Setup:

The business can manage the payment of its employees with the help of payroll integration and setup. Payroll processing system normally includes managing benefits & deductions, time information for a selected period and distribution of employee pay for that period.

Benefits of our HR Management Development include

  • Digitized Employee Database
  • Simple & Elegant Payroll System
  • Immediately Accessible Employee Self-Help Portals
  • Razor Sharp Performance tracking and Management
  • Stress-free Workforce Management
  • Robust Recruiting Systems
  • Target oriented Training management
  • Efficient Benefit and compensation management
  • Advanced Reporting and Attendance analytic
  • Centralised human resource information