. Virtual PBX Installation and Setup

Virtual PBX, also known as private branch exchange is nothing but a phone system that uses internet-based protocol, formats and standard such as Voice over IP (VoIP) rather than traditional telephonic standard. With the help of this technology, the different organisations are able to get rid of wires and switches inside the office premises as PBX is managed by a third party organisation. This technology can also be incorporated into business-level software as well as processes. It not only cost effective but also enables both the clients and vendors to enhance efficiency as well as productivity.

VoIP integration

Softphone Installation on PC
Routing Setup

Enterprise app integration

Advanced Virtual PBX Installation and Setup Solutions:

Softphone software enables users to make voice over IP (VoIP) phone calls via the internet. We install this for our client on a PC, laptop or mobile device. It has a very simple user-friendly interface comprising a traditional phone keypad along with other controls such as call, hang-up and a contacts list. Routing is a system of choosing the path for traffic either within a network or between multiple networks. It can be of several types including circuit-switched networks, for example, the public switched telephone network (PSTN), and computer networks, such as the Internet. The routing process usually directs forwarding based on routing tables, which maintain a record of the routes to various network destinations. An administrator by observing network traffic or built with the assistance of routing protocols can specify routing tables.

Benefits of our Virtual PBX Installation and Setup include

  • Powerful Features
  • Designed for the Modern Workforce
  • Easy to Use and Manage
  • Improve Customer Engagement
  • Works Everywhere
  • Focus on Call Performance
  • Capture Data in the Right Place